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Katie & Jeremy’s Engagement

How adorable is this couple?  I could have posted a hundred pictures, they look equally beautiful in all of them.  But this is one of my favourites, one of the very last ones we took that morning.  We had already spent a few hours together being serious, being silly and having fun.  Here they were […]

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Wedding Details

There are so so many elements that come together to make a wedding memorable and unique to the bride and groom.  Each one has taken thought and time to make happen, and it’s important to preserve the memory of every contributing detail.  The bride and Lacné Futbalove Dresy groom will each have their favourites, and […]

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Wedding Cake

How much do you love a wedding cake?  Is it a highlight of a wedding for you?  Do you even notice it?  Maybe it only matters how it tastes? Because I have a friend who detské kopačky bakes and has made some wedding cakes, I know that the process involves multiple talents and skills.  Everything […]

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Pinterest Project

Has anyone ever shown you a photo taken from Pinterest and asked you to replicate it for them?  They’ve taken the time to research their vision and know exactly what they want?  It can be a daunting task to copy what someone else has been futbalove dresy na predaj able to create with the location, […]

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Krista Fox Photography

Talk about a dream job…if you have a ton of creativity and love to travel, you’re willing to work hard and be super-professional.  Krista is all of the above, plus totally down-to-earth and funny too.  I loved hearing her basketball trikots günstig chat about her work during my recent Wedding Photography class.  She specializes in […]

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