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Wedding Cake

Jason and Joanne Wedding (217 of 272)

How much do you love a wedding cake?  Is it a highlight of a wedding for you?  Do you even notice it?  Maybe it only matters how it tastes?

Because I have a friend who detské kopačky bakes and has made some wedding cakes, I know that the process involves multiple talents and skills.  Everything from baking and decorating to packaging, storage and transportation.  It’s a long and expensive job.

So when a bride decides that she won’t have a wedding cake and her friend decides to make one as a gift, you know it’s going ropa ciclismo barata to be a labour of love.  And that’s exactly how this cake came to be.  With it’s multiple layers and simple but pretty decoration, it suited the style of the wedding perfectly, and was obviously a gift from the heart.

Lucky bride to have such a generous friend, don’t you think?

Jason and Joanne Wedding (214 of 272)

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