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Pinterest Project

Pinterest shoe assignment

Pinterest shoe assignment

Has anyone ever shown you a photo taken from Pinterest and asked you to replicate it for them?  They’ve taken the time to research their vision and know exactly what they want?  It can be a daunting task to copy what someone else has been futbalove dresy na predaj able to create with the location, lighting and props available to them.

But this was the assignment in my recent Wedding Photography class, so here goes.  Above you can see my attempt at copying.  And futbalove dresy you can see the link to the inspiration photo from Pinterest.  So besides the fact that my shoes are NOT designer, how do you think I did? A little bit Diva on a Dime?  Same rustic feel?  Can you imagine a wedding in a barn?  That’s one of the things I love about photography.  Being able to take someone else’s inspiration but making it your own.

So give me your best Pinterest inspiration…I’ll take the challenge to recreate it for you.

And follow me on Pinterest here to see what inspires me.

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